Roman remains are found in Sleaford.

A Roman burial, pottery and rubbish pit are to name but a few of the artifacts found at a building site in Sleaford. Wells were also found and ditches marking property showing that a the town was a major Roman settlement. The  burial contained a complete skeleton which is believed to be from the Roman period.

Photos: Network Archaeology

During preparation of the side the finds came to light. Network Archaeology have been excavating the sight. After the completion of the excavations the building work will recommence. The site will hold 19 houses as part of North Kesteven District Council plans for more social housing in the Sleaford area.

Sleaford is noted for its archaeology, most of it from the iron age but during the Roman conquest it is believed that Sleaford became a major Roman Town. Wells found at the sight would have been used to supply fresh drinking water. These finds just back up the theory that sleaford was a very large and important settlement in the Roman era.

North Kesteven District Councillor Stewart Ogden said “These interesting finds have provided glimpses into Sleaford’s Roman past, allowing archaeologists to examine part of the Roman town.”

The discovery of these artifacts is completely unexpected and provide a glimpse in to Sleaford’s Roman past.

Photos: Network Archaeology