Chlamydia rates highest in Lincolnshire!

Courtesy of: Katerha

One in twelve people aged between fifteen and twenty-four are found with Chlamydia, with most cases in the UK found in Lincolnshire.

A new scheme has been announced by NHS Lincolnshire to spread awareness and aim to reduce these levels.

Positive Health has been commissioned by NHS Lincolnshire and is working in partnership with the National Chlamydia Screening programme. Lincolnshire’s programme is Lincolnshire Face Fact, providing free access to Chlamydia testing.

Dr. Brynnen Massey says it is extremely important to test for Chlamydia if you have been sexually active without protection.

“Fifty percent of men and maybe seventy five percent of women, there are no symptoms, which is why it is such a damaging infection. Most people don’t know that they’ve got it and if it isn’t caught in time it can lead to irreplaceable damage and can mean infidelity.”

Gina Eveson, Health Promotion and Sexual Health Trainer at Positive Health says that it is important we are aware.

“Absolutely everybody who is in a sexual relationship should be concerned about Chlamydia, but particularly the higher levels that we are seeing are the fifteen to twenty-fours.”

She also said that preventing getting the infection in the first place can be simple.

“Practicing safe sex, wearing condoms, consistently, until you are in a situation where you are in a monogamous relationship and you’ve both been checked for any STIs, so it’s as simple as that – put something on it!”

Testing kits are available for free from any of your local practices, for both girls and boys and are self tested, so there’s no embarrassment necessary.

To get more information go to the NHS Lincolnshire website: