Community group opens Lincoln’s first Warm Rail

A community group called Compassionate Lincoln, have created the city’s first ‘warm rail’. The concept involves storing clothes and garments on a rail which is available for anyone to help themselves to.

The ‘warm rail’ is already being used by the homeless around the city, and has recieved vast

Lincoln’s first warm rail

amounts of donated coats, hats, gloves and scarves from Lincoln residents. The rail itself sits within a wooden handcrafted shelter, which also stores boxes of hangers that can be used to hang up any donated items of clothing. The people behind the project, Compassionate Lincoln, are a local group who campaign and create projects like the ‘warm rail’ to encourage compassionate, community-led responses to social issues and challenges which affect the city of Lincoln.

Rachel Mound who participated in the planning and the building of the warm rail said she hopes that ideas like this will encourage other people to give back to the community. “We hope that people will be inspired by the simplicity of the idea”. The Lincoln ‘warm rail’ can be found between St. Within’s church and Lincoln Central Library on Freeschool Lane.