Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and Police begin sharing headquarters

Lincolnshire Police and Fire services will begin working together today. Photo: (Source
Photo: (Source











Lincolnshire’s Police and Fire and Rescue services begin their shared residency today.

The move is designed to increase the teamwork between the two services, and they begin working together at the Police Headquarters in Nettleham on Wednesday 22 March.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire Marc Jones said: “A shared Fire and Police HQ is a tangible example of how collaboration can deliver the best results for the tax payer”.

The move also means that funds will be partially distributed between both services, says Mr Jones: “It means we can share certain costs, allowing us to divert more resources to the front line and ensure we maximise the budget we have to provide even better services for our communities”.

This is the first step in the county’s Blue Light Collaboration scheme, with Lincolnshire County Council announcing plans for a £16m ambulance, police and fire station to be built at South Park in Lincoln by 2019. The council says: “The station would offer a brand new Police, Fire & EMAS base with many new shared facilities.”

Martin Hill of Lincolnshire County Council is optimistic and said: “This move will allow better opportunities for closer working, which will undoubtedly mean improved services for the public.”

More information can be found here.