Students at the University of Lincoln speak out after postal delivery issues


A number of students living on campus at the University of Lincoln are speaking out after post sent to them from friends and family either didn’t arrive or had been tampered with.

The reports first began following a social media post in the community Facebook group ‘Overheard at Lincoln’, where one student asked if other people had previously had their mail tampered with.

A group of students across all three years of the university had similar issues with their post being tampered with, most of which had included money which had subsequently gone missing.

As the number of comments increased, students approached the University of Lincoln and the Royal Mail to question what had happened to their mail.

Student Niamh Tame said “When I was living in courts [on-campus accommodation] around my birthday, I had around three or four cards opened and money was missing as well as some gift cards”

“I contacted Royal Mail and they basically said they couldn’t do anything about it”.

The University of Lincoln and Royal Mail have said they’re looking into the issues.