Update: abandoned kittens found in Lincoln’s Ritz pub

Four new born kittens were found abandoned Ritz pub in Lincoln just over two weeks ago by a member of staff. The kittens were left to fend for themselves in the men’s toilets in a plastic carrier bag.

Moira replacing the kittens mother, feeding one of them milk

They have since been rescued by the RSPCA and are being cared for by a fosterer, Moira. The kittens are requiring around the clock care without their mother being there. They have recently had to go to the vets and receive antibiotics for their upset tummies but have now been examined and are doing a lot better.

Foster mum, Moira said “At first, the kittens were completely lost without their mum and very vulnerable, but now I have become like their mum, providing milk and care around the clock.”

She went on to say that the kittens will be rehomed in approximately nine weeks once they have had vaccines and have been microchipped. Nine weeks is around the time kittens leave their mothers, so they really have had a rough start.