Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – Spoiler-free Review

After months and months of hype, Marvel Entertainment’s comic book juggernaut Avengers finally returns to the big screen with Infinity War.

Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth lead the star studded cast and act superbly.

Downey Jr’s Tony Stark/Iron-man is very well acted throughout and Hemsworth’s Thor goes through a range of emotions throughout the film and shows of a more vulnerable side to his character that hasn’t really been seen before in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Other standouts in the cast are Tom Holland’s performance as Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman and Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance of Doctor Strange.

Holland’s Spiderman brings a much needed sense of humour to Downey Jr’s Iron-man and Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange brings a sceptic view or Iron-man and Spiderman whilst being devoted to protecting the balance of time.

The movie taking place in 3 distinct segments with viewpoints all across the galaxy that allow the debuting characters to the Avengers franchise to add to the story.

Firstly the Guardians of the Galaxy – led by Chris Pratt bring their zany humour with the crew of misfits rescuing Thor from space after he is attacked by Thanos.

King T’Challa/Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman joins the battle against Thanos and his army after the major success of the Black Panther movie earlier this year, by protecting Vision and fighting side by side with Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon.

And Iron-Man fights to protect Doctor Strange’s time infinity stone from Thanos’ henchmen on a spaceship with the stowaway Spiderman accompanying him.

The movie is a visual spectacle with great uses of CGI, practical visual effects and character costumes that fully show off the movies attention to detail – with the iron Spider suit, a brand new Iron-Man suit and Captain America receiving a new shield and new look.

With all these star actors and effects Infinity War definitely shows its budget, with it estimated to be the 2nd most expensive movie ever made with a budget of 300 to 400 million dollars – but the film definitely benefits hugely due to this.

With the great build up in tension throughout due to the threat of Thanos voiced by Josh Brolin the movie builds and builds to its crescendo which may be a surprise and shock to many Marvel fans.

The ending for me was unexpected and a little abrupt with a heavy sense of sequel-bating – with the next Avengers film currently set for sometime in 2019.

As a viewer of the film I personally feel it takes away something from the film as it requires another movie to finalise the story thus making the movie going experience a little disappointing – however the film was action packed and well acted by the cast.

If you are a Marvel fan its a must-watch movie however expect a rather abrupt and disheartening ending to the film as there are a few deaths throughout the film and a lot at the end to some fan favourite characters (which we wont spoil) just make sure to bring your tissues if your sensitive.

Overall Avengers: Infinity War delivers a very impressive cinematic spectacle but a story that is unfinished may leave some a little disappointed.