Delicious and Creative Vegan Meals

Vegan and vegetarian meals are growing more and more popular in the past decade, with fifteen per cent of the United Kingdom now being vegetarian or vegan. This has lead to a growing amount of dairy and meat free products becoming available in supermarkets. Moreover, the UK government is actively encouraging us to drink less milk , as  agricultural emissions are thought to account to around thirty percent of the world’s global emissions.

Vegan and vegetarian meals can be cheaper alternatives for people on tight budgets, and there are many health benefits to consuming less meat. Eating no red meat reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer. However, it is important to make sure you are consuming enough vitamins and iron if you have an entirely vegan diet, and to take daily supplements of vitamin B12, which is highly needed for the brain.

Here are a few of my favourite vegan and vegetarian dishes!

Tomato pasta ingredients:

1 onion, tomato sauce, garlic, red bell peppers, vegan quorn pieces, fortified yeast, rocket leaves

Veggie Lasagne ingredients:

200g Mozarella, lasagne sheets, carrots, broccoli, courgettes, tomato sauce, garlic, onion, oregano herbs.

Vegan quorn sweet chilli noodles ingredients:

Udon noodles, sweet chilli sauce, garlic powder, saracha sauce, carrots, bell peppers, vegan quorn fajita pieces, baby tomatoes.

Chocolate tart ingredients: 150 ml soya milk, 4 cardamom pods, 4 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon cornflour, 250 g dark vegan chocolate (70%) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract  PASTRY : 250 g plain flour, 125 g icing sugar, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, 125 g soya margarine (cold) , plus extra for greasing.

vegan vegetable pizza:

vegan coconut mozzarella, tomato puree, butternut squash and peppers.