Keeping safe this Halloween

Lincolnshire fire and rescue, along with Lincolnshire Trading Standards are using the Halloween and bonfire night period to encourage people to be safe when celebrating over the coming weeks.

They are encouraging people to use LED tealights in their pumpkins instead of regular candles.

Statistics from the home office have shown that candles have been the cause of over 1000 fires in the UK and have been the cause of 61 deaths.

Maisie McMahon from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue told LSJ News “When you’re trick or treating with your children, it is quite often windy and the wind can blow the flames and your costume could easily ignite.”

To ensure costumes are safe they should have a CE mark on them. This marking means it has been tested and should it ignite it won’t burn as quickly can even self extinguish.

Watch the video below to see what to do in the event of a costume catching fire: