Loud noise protection for animals

Photo: Carl Spencer

Animal charities say that it is not just fireworks that scare our pets. Data published by the Dogs Trust shows that 49% of dogs show signs of fear when loud noises occur.

The Dogs Trust and the RSPCA have issued a series of posters that give tips and advice to pet owners on how to help their animals feel safe and secure while fireworks fill the air over the bonfire period.

The loud bangs caused by fireworks can startle household pets into acting erratically and out of character, with some even having health and heart issues due to becoming frightened by the unsuspecting bangs.

Now the Dogs Trust are campaigning to not only protect dogs against loud fireworks but also against other noises, such as vacuum cleaners and thunder, that could startle them in an everyday situation.

The Dogs Trust have uploaded a video to their website that advises animal owners on how to get their pets through other loud noises that may upset them.

The campaign aims to lead to new measures being taken and a new understanding of how to help animals who become startled by loud noises, especially when it can effect them and their health in the long term.