Ruston Works Factory is set to be demolished, following approval from the city council.


This historic site was built in 1918 and contributed to the war effort during this time, through the large-scale manufacturing of aircraft engines.

During the Great War, the Firth Road industrial complex run by Ruston & Proctor, provided over 2,000 of these fighter engines. It was because of this, alongside the RAF bases at Waddington and eventually Scampton, that Lincolnshire would become infamous as ‘Bomber County’.

It has been derelict since 2015, but has remained a key landmark in Lincoln’s skyline and industrial heritage, for the best part of a hundred years.The buildings despite this, have sustained various acts of vandalism since its closure through fires and littering.

It has become a rather forgettable location for some, but for many this factory represents generations of industrial employment. This comes after calls for protection and preservation from objectors.

In place of the works, plans for over 200 homes and a swimming complex have been proposed to the city council, in a bid to redevelop and rejuvenate the area. The plot of land on which the site is located, is believed to be worth £1million. By building on this location, the council could provide more jobs for residents of the Boultham area and the city centre.

The decision for demolition was published on Friday and what will come of Ruston Works, should be clear in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, the people of Lincoln will be marking 100 years since the end of the war and with this recent news, the factory also.