Siemens Lincoln wins a national safety award

Siemens, Firth Road, Lincoln.

A major rail repairs company based in Lincoln has won its first national safety award.

Bogie train fleet repairing company, Siemens Bogie Service Centre has received its first certification under the Rail Industry Supplier Accreditation (RISAS). 

RISAS is a nation-wide accreditation by laboratories testing company, SGS, which oversees the safety of the rail industry in the UK.

The centre opened in June 2018 in order to deliver high quality maintenance on trains and to reduce the amount of time trains are out of service when being repaired. 

Eight million pounds was invested into opening the service centre, and 40 new jobs are expected to have been created by the end of next year.

Nicola Phillips from Siemens has announced that the certification blows Siemens’ Bogie Service Centre, including servicing Eurotunnel Bogies and Desiro City fleets that are used on public transport routes.

Desiro City Fleet.
Source: Joshua Brown.

Ms. Phillips said: “Siemens are extremely pleased to have attained RISAS certification for our Bogie Service Centre in Lincoln.”