Escape rooms become the new craze in Lincoln

New escape rooms in Lincoln

A series of challenging escape rooms has opened on Monks Road in Lincoln.

The new rooms are now the second set of escape rooms in Lincoln standing along side other popular attractions such as Tension Exit Games on Croft Street.

The organisation ‘Escape’ has opened three rooms at an old prison at Lincoln college which encourage groups of between 2 and 6 people to work as a team and solve puzzles with the help of clues along the way. They have an hour to solve these puzzles and escape the room.

Georgie Owen, Operations Director at Escape said: “We have opened three different rooms one based on Sherlock homes, one magical room and one scientific room. We plan to open another three rooms in the new year.”

The three rooms which opened on Friday 9th November are called The Magic Emporium, Sherlock: The Initiation and Contagion. They all have different themes which take inspiration from the history of the building and are designed to help groups of people build on their communication and team work skills in a new and exciting way.

“The groups are briefed on their mission before entering the room and we have a special clue system through a television screen which means we can personalise the experience for everyone.”

The escape room has become a new entertainment craze in Lincoln. Tension Exit Games is another escape room organisation that is open on Croft Street in Lincoln, offering a similar experience but with different rooms and atmospheres.

Georgie said: “We don’t see them as our direct competition because we work together and enhance each other and they have different rooms to us. When we have big groups of 60 people we split them up and send people over to their escape rooms.”

Yvie Pembury Percival who is a student at the University of Lincoln visited one of the rooms for the first time last week.

Yvie at the escape room

She said: “It was really challenging but such a fun activity. The way the rooms were set up and how we wore lab coats and goggles made it really atmospheric and engaging.”

“The room I went into was called Contagion. We had an hour to find a vaccine and escape the room otherwise the deadly virus would spread across the world. The staff were also really friendly which made the whole experience even more enjoyable.”

The new escape rooms are open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm with prices £20 for adults and £15 pounds for under 16s.