Grow your ‘mo’ for Movember

Movember is now in full swing across the country with thousands of people doing their part to raise money for Testicular Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention amongst men.

During the month of November, people grow their moustaches to help raise money for this cause. In 2014, The Movember Foundation put together a video about the awareness raised during November.

The Movember Foundation is an independent leading charity which addresses some of the biggest health issues faced by men. They find and fund the most innovative research to help this cause, and in 15 years, they have funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world.

The Movember movement began in Australia in 2003 with 30 ‘Mo Bros’, and has grown to become a global movement with the support of over five million ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sistas’ around the world.

The Movember Foundation UK said: “Mo Sistas can move (be active), host events and donate to other Mo Bros (and support them).”

Globally, 5.6M+ men are living with prostate cancer. In the UK, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, where one man dies every 45 minutes, and those who survive face serious side effects from their treatment.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men in the UK. In most cases, there’s a 95% chance of survival, but this means that one man in 20 won’t make it.

Movember also raises awareness and funding for men’s health and suicide prevention. Globally, a man dies from suicide every minute, and six out of ten suicides are men.

At the start of the month, the Movember Foundation UK published a video on the raised funds in action.

There are a lot of clubs, groups and people across Lincoln supporting Movember and raising money.

The Lincoln Rugby Football Club started with a fundraising target of £500, which was raised to £1,000. Now, not even halfway through the month, the 20 players taking part have raised £1,226 so far and the target has again been raised, this time to £1,750.

The director of Lincoln Rugby Club, Christopher Barrett, said: ” We didn’t expect so much support.

“We raised £120 just at the bar over the weekend.

“We’re looking at extending the target further if we keep doing well, and hopefully we will raise more at our home game on Saturday.”

You can visit their Movember network page here.

The University of Lincoln are also doing their part to raise money and have set themselves a target of £1,500. So far they have raised £305. You can visit their Movember network page here.

As well as organisations within Lincoln supporting the cause, there are individuals doing their own part. Student Harvey Catchpole set himself a target of £100 for the month and again, not even halfway through November, has already passed his target.

Harvey said: “For me, it’s the mental health and suicide prevention part. The cancer research is also amazing, however I feel that mental health is very important and that as men we don’t talk about it anywhere near as much as we should.”

He added: “My aim is to reach my minimum target, but I’ll keep going even if I reach my goal.”

Below, you can see Harvey’s progress, including what his beard looked like before he shaved it off.

Progress pictures from Harvey Catchpole

You can visit his official Movember network page here.

The Movember Foundation website offers advice and tips for those taking part. With a guides on “How to grow a mo” and “Taking care of your mo,” you can make your moustache stand out. If you’re lucky, you can raise more money and make it onto the official Movember leaderboards.

If you are wanting to get involved with Movember, you can also go along to two fundraising events here in Lincolnshire.

A Movember charity football match will be taking place on Thursday November 15 in Northgate, Sleaford. Carre’s Grammar School will be hosting the match which will start at 3pm, and anyone is welcome to attend and help raise money for Movember.

Baytree Garden Centre in Spalding are also hosting a fundraiser. They will be holding a Reindeer Feeding event over the weekend of November 17/18. The public are invited to get into the Christmas spirit and feed reindeers in exchange for small donations towards Movember.

For more information go to the Movember Foundation website.