27 Motorists stopped by Lincolnshire Police for driving too close to cyclists

A campaign has been launched by Lincolnshire Police to help cyclists feel safer on the road.

Stickers on police van
Photo by Lincolnshire Police

#KeepThemAliveAt1Point5 has appeared on Lincolnshire Police’s twitter (@lincspolice)  to educate drivers about giving cyclists plenty of room on the road. The new rule is to enforce drivers to leave a gap of at least 1.5 metres to give cyclists the space they need to safely get by.

Conducting #OpSafePass, Lincolnshire Police sent some officers out on the road to see how well the motorists of Lincoln know the rule during Road Safety Week. Lincolnshire Police are asking the question: “If a cyclist swerved to avoid a pothole, could you avoid them?”

Lincolnshire Police claims that they told 27 motorists on Monday to give cyclists more room, as well as speaking to cyclists, one of whom was riding with their hands in their pockets, creating danger for themselves as well as drivers.

Lincolnshire Police Special Constabulary’s Twitter account showed photos of officers assisting with the launch of the campaign. @LincsSpecials: “Up bright and early (and wet!) this morning to support @lincspolice launch of #OpSafePass to educate motorists about safe passing distance when overtaking cyclists. One of many events we have during national #RoadSafetyWeek that starts today”.

Not everyone is happy with the rule,  especially in applying it to narrow, rural Lincolnshire roads. One twitter user said: “Just a thought but 1.5m would push vehicles well over into the opposite lane. Given the rural nature of Lincolnshire roads at what point should cyclists pull over to let vehicles past?”

Photo by Les Chatfield

 Since 2016, six cyclists have lost their lives on Lincolnshire’s roads, with many more seriously injured due to road accidents. The campaign has stickers that drivers can stick on their cars to remind others to stick to the rule. Sgt Mike Templeman said he was “so chuffed” to see a sticker on some of the Police’s marked vans.