City of Lincoln Internet rolls out without a glitch

The new Wi-Fi service in the city has launched without an issue, council officials say. They believe it is having a positive impact on the residents and visitors.

Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager at the City of Lincoln Council, said: “We always expected that a free Wi-Fi service in the city centre would be popular.” Though many people have ways to connect on their own devices already, they’re not always reliable and people don’t always have data. “We’re very excited to offer this to people as a free alternative.”

“So far what we’re hearing is it’s being really well received. People are really pleased to have another option, another opportunity, and a free Wi-Fi service that doesn’t request any personal data from them.”

Georgia Stephenson, a regular visitor to Lincoln, said: “It’s going to be really useful for everyone.”


Wi-Fi services are attached to CCTV

City of Lincoln Internet, colloquially known as COLIN, is a free service for members of the public, that spans the city centre. The connection is stronger the closer to the High Street you are. Whether in Bailgate or lower High Street, ‘COLin – City of Lincoln Free Wi-Fi’ should appear in Wi-Fi settings. In just two clicks, the internet connection is established.

Two years in the making, COLIN piggybacks on the newly-renovated CCTV at a “relatively modest additional cost.”