Lincolnshire continues to benefit from Children in Need Appeal

1 child in every 20 living in Lincoln benefit from Children in Need funding.

Children in Need icon: Pudsey Bear. Photo: Mark Harkin.

This is according to Acts Trust in Lincoln who support children living in poverty. The 500 children that they connect with in the city through their work making up this statistic.

Following the record breaking £50.5 million that was raised during the appeal show on Friday – over £1million is currently being funded in Lincolnshire.

A number of projects in Lincolnshire receive grants from Children in Need (CiN) including Boston Women’s Aid (BWA), Gainsborough Adventure Playground and Acts Trust as founded by the Alive Church in Lincoln.

‘Energize’ is a is a youth work program run by Acts Trust which allows children in Lincoln who are living in poverty to take part in recreational activities such as holidays, or connecting with good role models.

‘Energize’ Manager, Luke Wallace said: “Children in Need have been really helpful to us, not only funding our work by helping us think it through and strategise so we can maximise our impact.”

Marie Chapman who is the Funding and Development Manager at BWA said: “It’s an amazing thing Children in Need does.”

CiN are funding ‘Every Child’s Chances’ for BWA which is launching next week. The scheme will provide practical solutions in the form of a part time support officer for children who are fleeing domestic abuse within the family. The aim is to get the children back into education as well as develop their social skills.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s CiN event at the New Theatre Royal raised over £2500 for the charity – through ticket sales and raffles.