Network Rail to hold a Q&A session on new footbridge

Network Rail is set to hold a Q&A session for the public, encouraging them to ask questions and find out more about the new footbridge.

Work in progress for the bridge

Work is underway for the Brayford footbridge which should  be completed by March 2019. The road is closed to vehicles for six months while this work is in progress.

The proposals were initially refused by the City of Lincoln Council as the lack of lift shafts in the plans restricted access for those with disabilities. Network rail decided the lifts would be too expensive but insisted that those who cannot use the stairs will be able to use the bridge as usual.

Over 7 thousand vehicles and 16 thousand pedestrians use the crossing everyday as well as 140 freight and passenger trains.

The session will be held on Thursday 22nd November at the site office on Brayford Wharf East between 3pm and 7pm.