The problems of pollution in the Pool

The Brayford Pool

A group of volunteers have been seen collecting rubbish from the seat of a canoe in the Brayford Pool, highlighting the issues of the pollution in the water.

The issue of rubbish in the water of the Brayford has been an important local issue for quite some time despite the City of Lincoln Council providing the Brayford Trust with a £25,000 grant earlier this year.

The grant came after plans for a new floating restaurant, put forward by the Brayford Trust, had been rejected earlier this year as more needed to be done to restore the Brayford pool.

Weeds and silt have accumulated which has resulted in an insufficient depth of water in areas of the moorings.

Algae and Weeds in the Brayford

The build up of weeds and rubbish in the Brayford Pool has been an issue for the City of Lincoln Council for a number of years and has seen a number of restoration efforts from the Council, the Brayford Trust and from a number of volunteers.

In 1964 the Brayford had also been in a poor and polluted state; so much so that many Lincoln residents had gone as far to suggest that the Pool be covered and turned into a car park.

However, in 1969 the Brayford Trust was founded and the restoration of the Brayford Pool began.

Recently the build up of rubbish has caused a number of problems in the Pool, most notably being the decline in the number of swans that Lincoln’s City Centre has been famous for.

The swans in the Pool

Now organisations such as the Brayford Trust will look to restore the Brayford by tackling the issues of the build up of rubbish, the growth of weeds and the problems facing the diminishing number of Lincoln’s swans.