Oliver! production ‘engages with local community’

The Dickensian story of a young orphaned boy in London has made its way to Lincoln for the ‘The Starring Lincoln Theatre Company’ treatment at Lincoln Cathedral.
The theatre company have previously put on productions of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ at Lincoln Cathedral.

The events officer for Lincoln Cathedral said:  “The Cathedral hosts a number of secular events as part of our annual events programme. Oliver!, is an opportunity for the Cathedral to engage with the local community. Community engagement through events and outreach activity is very important to us and we work with many partner organisations to support the important work that takes place within our community. While Oliver! is not a religious story, there are a number of underlying themes that the Cathedral will explore through a series of lectures.”
These lectures have yet to be announced by the Cathedral, but they hope to explore themes such as exploitation, domestic violence and social injustice.

The Starring Lincoln Theatre Company’s director, Ben Poole recently posted a statement about the call-back process, where they will announce their Oliver, Nancy and the Artful Dodger.
“The creative team are meeting early this week to draw up the list. They are keen for everybody to know how pleased they are with the standard of auditions, it was also great to talk to and learn about people both new and familiar to them. Well done and thank you!”
The auditions took place earlier this month in the Lincoln Cathedral Centre, where over 50 adults sang a chorus of the well known classic: ‘Om Pah Pah’ for their chance to play a starring role.

The production will take place in August 2019.