The Engine Shed hosts a technology event

A new technology event will be held at the University of Lincoln’s Engine Shed on Tuesday.

The Eastern Technology Conference, starting at 4pm and ending at 7pm, will involve a number of different technology companies showcasing advancements in areas of research.

The event has been organised by Events Management students at the University. Masters student Rhiannon Walters said: “Lincoln is fast growing so we thought we’d introduce this in an event before it all happens and give companies the opportunity to show what they’re doing to students for career path ideas.”

University students and members of the public have the chance to speak to specialists from different industries.

Another aim of the event is to encourage future connections between technology companies and the University to highlight different careers and industry opportunities.

There will be talks on the latest tech developments throughout the day such as demonstrations on virtual reality and visual effects along with a talk about ScholarPack, a software system helping schools manage information such as attendance, behaviour and clubs.