Macmillan’s Tree of Light returns to Lincoln

National charity Macmillan Cancer Reasearch have launched their fifth annual Tree of Lights campaign at Lincoln’s St Marks shopping centre.

Campaign group ‘The Merry Macs of Lincoln‘, who work to create events for Macmillan in the area, set up the day.

People were to invited to donate money to place a message and candle on a tree outside the shopping centre.

Organisers have said the event raised over £500, which will be used to help Macmillan’s battle against cancer.

Fiona Goldsby, a volunteer with the group, said: “We’re proud of how successful the day was. We even raised more than last year, which is great.”

Live performances , including one from a local children’s choir, were held throughout the day.

The official website of the group reveals the Merry Macs of Lincoln have raised a total of £50,455 so far this year.