Charity Campaign To Give Children a Merry Christmas

Photo Credit – Allie Towers Rice

A Lincoln based charity is urging businesses to donate gifts this month.

Lincolnshire Action Trust launched their LAT Best Wishes campaign last week for its Young Oasis service in order to give local children a happy Christmas.

The service provides support and guidance for children across Lincolnshire who are struggling to cope with their family situation during the festive period.

Young Oasis practitioners have set up a list of suitable gifts for a 6-17 year old, such as books, hair products, chocolate and sweets, onesies, and many, many more.

Kim Thompson, senior practitioner for the Young Oasis project, is hoping more and more people and businesses will donate to what is a good cause.

“Our service is all about supporting Lincolnshire children until they are 18 who are affected by parents using controlled substances. We want people to donate gifts to give these children the Christmas they deserve and a chance to look forward to the occasion.”

“We’re not actually sure how many people have donated so we can’t confirm the number, but we can confirm that quite a few businesses have given gifts and that is fantastic. Shooting Star were the first business to step up and they donated colouring books and pencils.”

“Apart from that, we’ve had all sorts of presents donated to the project. Toiletries, craft items, blankets and many more. We truly believe this will bring happiness to young people who are dependent on the service.”

Businesses interested in giving a gift can contact Lincolnshire Action Trust to organise a donation or drop off something specific.