Land, City and Sea collection by David Ross now being exhibited at The Collection

The David Ross Land, City and Sea collection now being exhibited at The Collection in Lincoln.

Lincoln native entrepreneur, David Ross has brought his own personal art collection to Lincoln to be show cased in the Land, City and Sea exhibition in The Collection.

David Ross, known for co-founding the Carphone Warehouse Group is originally from Grimsby in Lincolnshire.

The Collection Museum in Lincoln

James Sharples from The Collection Museum said: “This is an introduction of modern artists so as a result it is themed so people can relate to [the exhibition]. There’re things that relate to Lincolnshire as well. The collector David Ross is from Grimsby, so he’s almost giving back to Lincolnshire in terms of his roots. His family are from Grimsby and a couple of the pieces refer to that as well.”

The Land, City and Sea collection is a private collection of the philanthropist and entrepreneur David Ross.

James Sharples also said: “The art works are a collection of British modern artists in the last 50 years, that he has gathered and is hung on his house walls. He has kindly donated them to collate them in one area and present it as an exhibition. The general themes of the land city and sea being the themes of the art works.”

Some notable artists in exhibition are David Hockney, who recently sold the most expensive art work sold by a living artist for $92m, Brigette Riley, Barbra Hepworth who are all prominent figures in the art world.

The exhibition carries 3 of David Hockney’s pieces.

This particular exhibition stands out from other previous exhibitions The Collection has held.

Mr Sharples explained why: “It is a slightly different slant on things in terms of the age and the period in time that we are displaying. We’ve had items from the seventeen and eighteen hundreds and even before that, so having things from the 20thcentury demonstrates the fact that we are trying to show more modern items. By coming in to see that it is a great introduction to artists that are still alive and still producing fantastic pieces of art work now.”

So far, the exhibition has been viewed by more than 2000 people since the end of November, and the figure is expected to double by the end of the exhibition, which finishes on the 6thJanuary.

Going forward, The Collection will be hosting a range of more modern and immersive exhibitions such as the Natural History Museum’s animatronic dinosaurs next summer. As well as Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon, which has been a world-wide touring exhibition of a 6-metre diameter replica of the moon using images from NASA photography.

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