Lincoln Lantern Parade to be led by Camels

A set of majestic camels are heading to Lincoln in celebration of the annual Christmas Lantern Parade.

The camels will lead the crowds of participators, with their multi-coloured paper lanterns, through the streets of Lincoln all the way up to Castle Hill, where the celebrations will continue till 8pm.

The camels have been domesticated by, ‘Joseph’s Amazing Camels’ (JAC). The one and only company to specialise in camels in the UK.

To those who fear the camels may pose a risk to health and safety, General Manager Daisy Fossett said: “The camels are very well behaved. They don’t bite or spit. As long as you’re respectful of their space and understand they are large animals they will pose no risk.”

There will be JAC staff members on hand during the event.

“There will be six people with them on the night, three leading and three riding.”

The camels are provided with the best care by the JAC and are “always surrounded by people the camels trust and feel comfortable with”.

The public are free to stroke the camels and take pictures but won’t be able to ride them.

The company however does offer camel rides for events outside of this occasion and even allows “camel treks from home”.

It is sure to be a memorable night as Fossett also revealed, the camels will be dressed fit for the occasion.

“The camels will be wearing red velvet rugs, red reins and pom pom headcollars with fairy  lights.”

The camels will be at the event for two hours before the crowds have to say their goodbyes.

Fossett most importantly said: “The camels should be treated with respect by the general public. No screaming. Be gentle.”

She added: “Don’t walk behind their back legs or run up to them. Treat them like you would treat a horse or any other large animal.”

Daisy Fossett is the daughter of Joseph Fossett, an ex-lion tamer who has been exposed to the circus lifestyle his entire life. When Daisy was born, “he decided he didn’t want to be a lion tamer with a child” and instead adopted an interest in camels. When the millennium year arrived Joseph and his wife Rebecca founded and launched their company, ‘Joseph’s Amazing Camels’. The couple have since ran their business also recruiting their children to continue their work.

The Lantern Parade will be happening on December 13th and will start at 5pm in the Cornhill area by THORS’s Tipi. A perfect opportunity to grab a hot chocolate and warm up before the night begins. Once at Castle Hill, the evening will conclude with a Nativity service from St Mary Magdalene’s Church.