Young people are more fearful of travelling following Grace Millane’s death
Two backpackers. Photo by Jeff Moser

Young people have become more wary about travelling after the murder of Grace Millane on December 1, when she went backpacking alone around New Zealand after graduating this summer from Lincoln University.

The motive of the 26 year old man who has been accused for killing her is still unknown and so is how the two first met in New Zealand. However, comments have appeared online since, asking why Grace Millane was travelling alone in the first place. But these have been criticised by people saying that wasn’t what killed Grace, instead it was the person who killed her.

New potential travellers have now expressed fear of their plans for travelling in the future as they’re concerned about their safety abroad.

Student, Josie Hobson, who wants to go travelling this summer said: “After I heard about Grace’s death, I’m not sure if I want to go travelling anymore.

“I wouldn’t want to spend my trip scared about whether or not someone would attack me or take advantage of me as that would be no fun. You can’t trust people these days and what their intentions are.”

The shocking news of Grace’s death came just a day after the Reclaim the Night march around Lincoln centre.


This march was for people to stand up against sexual assault and harassment, spreading awareness that people should be able to walk freely both at night and during the day without fear.

Amber Marshall, creator of Lincoln’s Girl Gang group chat and female activist was heavily involved in the march. She said: “I thought the march was so successful, there was around 100 people there, and we walked all around Lincoln and got so much positive responses, we got some negative too but that was expected. So many people watched and took photos and walked out of venues just to
A reclaim the night march. Photo by Catherine Redfern

see us going past it was so nice.


“In today’s society, yes I think it is dangerous to go travelling alone as a woman. But at the same time we shouldn’t feel scared as it shouldn’t be happening. Women shouldn’t be beaten up or even killed, the story of Grace is so so tragic and I’m so cut up by it as she went there to have fun and enjoy her life and it’s been so cruel she was taken away.

“At the end of the day no one should be scared to travel alone whoever you are. You shouldn’t be scared of travelling, or walking as people shouldn’t be attacking, killing or harassing people end of.”

The University of Lincoln are providing support on campus. More information can be found here on their website: