Lincoln letting agency Loc8me admit they have been negligent towards student tenants.

“We accept our failings and we are acting on that now” Loc8me’s new operations manager reveals the new management team as a solution to tenants’ discontent.

University of Lincoln have taken to social media addressing their living condition problems.

Maintenance issues, bug infestations and poor communication are just some of the issues Lincoln University students have claimed to have faced with student letting agency Loc8me. The students who are involved have claimed they have struggled when trying to voice their concerns about the on-going issue, to see any form of communication in return.

Loc8me Lincoln says, “There has been a build-up of poor communication over the last two to three years which has led the company to fall behind. We have contacted all the tenants who have spoken out on Facebook to explain what is going on and we have got a brand new team in Lincoln recruited from the Charlestown property agency, who are now investigating what’s gone on. From this we will be able to gain a fair assessment overall of the issues tenants are not happy with.”

Charles Krarup, Loc8me’s new operations manager says what new operations are now being put in place to ensure every tenant gets everything they expect when signing an agreement contract with the firm.

He says, “With the research we have done with individuals and with each house, it has given us a clear indication of where our weaknesses lie. We have introduced property managers accountable for problems or advice tenant’s need as a direct form of contact. Over the next 8 months we are demonstrating how we are listening and that we have changed and are making sure we are continuing to listen”

The students residing with Loc8me have noticed the new changes that have been made and have taken to social media once again with their claims.

“They’re genuinely doing everything they can and more to help students now”.

Loc8me have said they are “fully aware there has been a negligence on the lack of communication to tenants”. However now say “We are really looking forward to working with tenants to create a much better agency”.

The Loc8me lettings office based on Carholme Road, Lincoln say they pride themselves in the services they provide for both students and landlords with their new and improved offices reflecting on how the agency are expecting to move forward.

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