Are independent businesses taking over Lincoln High Street?

With the growing number of independent businesses opening in Lincoln, how successful are these smaller businesses?

Cheeky Monkey a children’s clothing boutique will be opening on Lincoln High Street next month, joining many of the independent businesses that has opened on the High Street.

As independent businesses increases, there is now more of a choice for the public on where they want to shop.

Yak, vintage store located on Lincoln High Street. Photography: Suhara Jayasena

Grace Stevens, 21 who frequently shops at these independent stores said: “I prefer to go to these smaller less known shops, especially vintage shops because I feel like it is more personal. I can find something in this shop that is unlikely to be bought or worn by someone else, unlike High Street shops where you would come across at least 5 other people wearing the same clothes as you.”

The growth of many independent stores has meant that large chain brands have closed down.

Closed Lincoln Toys ‘R’ Us branch Photography: Suhara Jayasena

Most recently the closure of Lincolns Toys ‘R’ Us has shown that numerous High Street stores are suffering, which has meant that independent shops now have more of a chance of succeeding. Whether this is because of independent businesses is unknown.

However because of many large branded chain stores closing this has meant that independent businesses are able to open more stores and become successful without having to worry about competition between them and large chain stores..