Charity for abused children is looking for a home in Lincoln

A new charity dedicated to helping children of abusive parents plans to open up a permanent support centre in Lincoln.

The Children of Abusive Parents group was set up in October to help past and present childhood victims of abuse through support and education.

This charity wants to open the support centre as close to the centre of Lincoln as possible, creating a place for private law cases such as supervised contact for children to connect back with their parents.

The group is currently not based anywhere but hope in the future it can create a safe space near the city centre to keep on helping and supporting individuals and families.

Lincoln, UK

There has been a lot of indirect help offered by the charity but they have directly helped around 100 people and their families.

The four members of the group involved as board of directors run their own businesses and use the Children of Abusive Parents Group as a part-time project for helping others.

Sarah Squires, Co-Founder of The Children of Abusive Parents group, said: “We want the support centre to have a homely environment but we need funding as the commercial cost of setting up in the centre is too high so for now we’re struggling to find somewhere.”
Credit to SwaloPhoto

Alongside this support group, Sarah runs her own business called NAPARRC, Narcissistic Abuse and Parental Alienation Research and Recovery Centre, where Sarah coaches and trains professionals on supporting parental disorders and parental alienation.

Another member of the charity is Diane Genders, who runs Diane Genders Specialised Solicitors, and focuses on divorce and family law cases whilst providing care and advise.

The Children of Abusive Parents group has approached charities such as BBC Children in Need, written articles for The Independent and appeared on the radio to promote their services to the local public.

The service has links with other charities in Lincoln who come to the support group sessions and help educate and provide care for individuals and families.