Growing number of couples avoiding Valentine’s Day rush

Wig and Mitre, Lincoln – photo by Jordan Arthur

Local restaurants are warning couples that they are running out of time to book a table for their significant other.

With just over two weeks until the special day, many local restaurants are becoming booked up and couples are looking for another option for their Valentine’s celebrations.

There is a growing trend that many couples are choosing to celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day to avoid the stress that comes with it and get better value for money.

Jake Robinson, 23, duty manager at the Wig and Mitre, Lincoln, has said “Valentine’s this year is on a Thursday so the weekend is when we staff better and prep for.”

“Obviously people want to celebrate on the day so we usually tend to be quite busy. The Thursday won’t be as busy as the weekend but we expect a good day, still.”

“In general the weekend will tend to be a bit better.”

In the East Midlands, 22.5% of us have said that we have celebrated Valentine’s Day late, according to a survey by conducted after Valentine’s Day last year.

Generally this trend is followed by those youngest amongst us, with over a quarter of millennials admitting to opting for a later Valentine’s celebration.

Many of us will often celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day to save money and get better value.

A couple dining in a restaurant – photo by Nancy Wong

However, many Lincoln pubs and restaurants offer special Valentine’s Day menus to attract Lincoln lovers to dine out on the day.

Despite many couples looking for better value for money, local restaurants are expecting a typical busy Valentine’s evening and are warning couples book quickly as the available tables are beginning to run out.

Many local restaurants, pubs and shops offer their customers a number of deals ahead of the day to attract Valentine’s Day business.

Mr Robinson has said the Wig and Mitre in Lincoln will “prep a specials menu where we do a sharing menu themed around it.”

But with the number of younger people delaying their Valentine’s celebrations, we can expect to see an increase in this trend in future.