Post Brexit Support for EU University Students?

The University of Lincoln will be holding workshops to help EU students post Brexit.

The Student Support centre will teach classes including financial and legal advice for current students who want to stay in the UK after graduating.

The workshops will also aid the students who already have work waiting for them post-graduation.

The workshops are due to start at the end of February,due to growing concerns from the students currently studying at the University of Lincoln.

Picture from Rafaela Tagara

European Master’s student Rafaela Tagara, 23 fears for her future in Britain post Brexit. The Greek national who graduates this summer is left with her professional future at a standstill. Tagara feels let down by the University.

“I think the workshop would be useful, but I think the university should and could have done a lot more to keep us informed so we wouldn’t be so paranoid. I’ve received no email no text no information. Nothing”

Information about the where and when of these workshops are soon to come. As it stands the referendum result does not have an immediate impact on the status of EU students currently studying in the UK.