Dodgeball Becomes Boob Ball For Breast Cancer Awareness

The teams came together for a group photo. Photo: Beth Pritchard

It was boobs galore in the University of Lincoln Sports Centre last Thursday. The Coppafeel charity took over Dodgeball Society to raise breast cancer awareness.

The well-attended two-hour session was run jointly by the ‘University of Lincoln Boob Team’ and the Dodgeball Society leaders. Talking all things boobs, the team offered to give advice to anyone, male or female, who has concerns about breast cancer.

CoppaFeel is a country-wide charity operating with the main aim to ensure as many cases of breast cancer are detected and diagnosed as early as possible. They encourage young people to check their breasts regularly and educate them on the signs and symptoms or breast cancer. They use humourous ways to create awareness. Boob ball is just one of the fun events they run. The 12 Days of Titmas Some of the money raised by the charity goes towards sending text messages once a month to remind people to check their breasts. 

The society members listened to Grace Thompson, Boob Team leader, talk about their mission to spread breast cancer awareness across the university campus. The dodgeball team members were encouraged to do what they can to help catch signs of breast cancer early.

Grace said: “It was to share with people to check your breasts, check your pecs. All that fun stuff. It was really good fun. The dodgeball team was brilliant. They were so into it from the start”. 

The dodgeball leaders got involved. Photo: Beth Pritchard

Dodgeballs made to look like boobs were added into the mix for their games. With the specialty balls giving society members extra points when they hit their opposition, the competitiveness and passion were running high.

A society leader said: “We will happily do it again sometime and offer more support”.



The event was complete with temporary tattoos and a donations box. The team has raised a great deal of money for the charity. Since their campaign began, the Lincoln branch of CoppaFeel has raised over £700.

Grace said: “It’s been such a good campaign and I can’t believe how well it’s gone so far”.

The CoppaFeel website offers lots of advice on how to check your breasts and pecs.

Text UBTLincs to 70500 for a monthly reminder.