Dr. Dre classics fuse with orchestra for Engine Shed event

West Coast rap meets classical music in alternative orchestra night – Image: No Strings Attached.

A fusion of hip-hop and orchestra is coming to Lincoln this month when the Engine Shed hosts an Orchestral Rendition of Dr. Dre: 2001 on February 22.

The unique night is part of a new wave of alternative orchestra events, which merge popular music genres with the live experience of classical instruments.

While Dr. Dre himself will not be there, the promoter No Strings Attached Events promises DJs, lyricists and an “orchestra made up of some of Europe’s most talented musicians”.

The ensemble is set to perform tracks from Dre’s multi-platinum 1999 album entitled: 2001, as well as other West Coast rap classics.

Tickets are still available for the February 22 event at the Engine Shed – Image: Keelan Balderson.

“The idea came from watching an increased interest in orchestral events and noticing a gap for orchestral hip-hop,” said a spokesperson for No Strings Attached Events.

“We actually chose this album as its our favourite hip-hop album of all time.”

The Dr. Dre event has been touring cities across Europe, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Glasgow, and Manchester, and will hit Sheffield before performing in Lincoln on Friday, February 22.

Once the current tour is finished, the promoters are aiming to give the orchestral treatment to a range of other artists.

They said: “We have plans to tour a Biggie vs 2Pac orchestra across the UK next, playing a live orchestral story between the two sides using visuals and audio to create a unique live show.”

Tickets for the Engine Shed show are still currently available via EventBrite from between  £21.51 and £26.06.