How female Lincoln City supporters are making a difference

Photo – Ceara Best

Finding that football team that you fall in love with is a feeling all football fans have experienced.

Ironically one group’s love of football came from a defeat.

When Lincoln City lost to York City in the FA Trophy back in 2017 a love for the nation’s favourite game brought fans together to create L.I.S.A.

L.I.S.A, also known as The Lady Imps Supporters Association created, an organisation to help welcome and promote women to share their passion for Lincoln City Football Club.

Inclusion of women in sport, not just football has been an issue that has seen many women face equality difficulties to overcome the challenge of receiving the same treatment and respect as that of men.

L.I.S.A members encourage men and women of all diversities to join the organisation that has turned into a community.

Maria Horner, Lady Imps Supporters Association said: “We promote our value of welcoming everyone and stand against discrimination.

“We challenge the stereotype of how football fans are portrayed. “

Friendships have been formed, new experiences and memories have been created, and a sense of inclusion has connected all types of people from not just in Lincoln, but from all over the country.

Women who once had no-one to go to a game with or were unsure of what to expect at a match have found friendships and been able to experience the beautiful game through the organisation.

The organisation welcomes anyone who wishes to be part of their family, with memberships available on their website for five pounds for the 2018-2019 season.

Maria Horner, added: “No matter if it’s your first or 600th match we welcome you.”

Karen Norton, a committee organiser is in no doubt that it was a little idea, thought up by two people that has since turned into a success, which has given all involved amazing opportunities and experiences.