45 days to go: How Steep Hill businesses will be affected

Independent businesses in Lincoln have said price rises are inevitable when the UK leaves the European Union next month.

The UK’s withdrawl from the EU looms closer, yet questions about what will happen when we leave are still unanswered.

At a time of uncertainty Theresa May is saying MP’s must hold their nerve, while Brexit talks are at a crucial stage.

Each community will be affected differently, including Lincolnshire.

Despite being among the most Eurosceptic voters when the referendum was held two years ago, local businesses are expected to face some issues.

Boston, had the largest amount of Brexit voters in the UK, with 76% of people voting to leave. Other parts of the county also had high percentages to leave, including Lincoln, who had 57% of voters voting for Brexit.

Steep Hill in Lincoln is one of the most famous streets in Britain, and home to a number of independent businesses.

Businesses on the hill import their goods from all around Europe, making it difficult for them to see what will happen if no secure trade deals are made.

Cafe owners are already concerned about how they will manage to import the food and supplies they need to run their business.

Cara Oakley, the owner of Pimento cafe on Steep Hill said: “It is going to have a knock on affect.

“Prices are going to have to go up in line with what we are going to have to pay to get the products into the UK.”

Novelty business owners are also struggling to picture what will happen come March 29.

Beck Alderton, the owner of Fern and Favour said: “It will put a lot more restrictions on what people are able to do.”

“It is currently a really simple process to import goods, but leaving the EU is likely to change that, especially for me.”

During a statement Theresa May made earlier today ahead of a debate on Thursday she said: “There is a shared determination of the house for the exit from the EU not to mean the lowering of standards.”

She followed this by saying: “We aim to engage more deeply with businesses.”

Theresa May also announced that she will meet again with EU officials before the end of February, however they have re-confirmed they are not open to re-negotiation.