Chap-hop sensation makes Lincoln return

A chap-hop sensation is returning to a Lincoln bar this spring.

Mr.B, The Gentleman Rhymer (real name: Jim Burke), is a leading artist in the sub-genre combining classic hip-hop with Steampunk culture.

Steampunk is a genre of science-fiction which originated in the 1970s, inspired by 19th century steam powered machinery. Since then, it has given rise to a community of fans, plus its own style of fashion and music.

Accompanied by regular DJ at the bar, Jay Dimes, Mr.B will be returning to the Strait and Narrow on April 4. This is following his five previous performances at the venue between 2013 and 2017, thrice accompanied by Brighton hip-hop artist, Professor Elemental (real name: Paul Alborough). The pair have had an on-stage feud since 2010, when both artists rose to prominence in their genre.

Attendees can expect a combination of new and old songs from Mr. B, such as Timothy, No Character to Clear and Dammit It Feels Good to Be a Chap.

Shane Porter, 23, is a fan of Mr.B and has seen him play multiple shows, including previous ones in Lincoln. He said; ‘The comedy and surreal element is brilliant, plus the fact that he coined the term chap-hop by rapping about incredibly British things with an upper class accent.’

Another long standing fan, Sean Palfrey, 32, said: ‘The most enjoyable thing about Mr. B’s music is that fun blend of nostalgia, humour, and fundamentally good song writing that really gets stuck in your head.’

He added: ‘There’s a wonderful music hall feel to them. A little bit of George Formby meets cabaret compere that makes you want to join in. He’s also pretty handy with both a banjolele and a looping pedal.’

Tickets to the show are £7.65 and can be bought via the Strait and Narrow’s Facebook page. Doors open 6pm.

Promotional poster for Mr.B’s upcoming show. Credit: The Strait and Narrow.
Menus at The Strait and Narrow.