City businesses to vote on Lincoln BIG’s future

Businesses are going to vote later this year on whether they want Lincoln BIG to continue in its role as a marketing and promotions organisation for the city.

The not for profit business, controlled by a board of directors from city centre stakeholders, aims to improve the city as a retail and tourist destination.

Lincoln BIG’s fourth ballot results will be revealed on November 7th later this year, allowing their 800 city centre businesses and organisations to vote for the continuation of the business.

Michael Armstrong, events and promotions manager for Lincoln BIG, said: “We have the ballot every five years where all local businesses involved with us from Lincoln Cathedral to St Marks are eligible to vote for November 7th.”

“We expect to keep going with our ongoing project to improve Lincoln high streets retail as there are new businesses coming to Lincoln that we can help to improve the High Street.”


The last vote in 2014 saw 80% of all businesses vote in favour of Lincoln BIG staying.

Lincoln’s city centre is the largest employment centre in Lincolnshire, employing over 10,000 people whilst being important for the local economy.

A lot of the work Lincoln BIG does is to attract shoppers and visitors to the city centre which benefits those businesses by making it a better place for customers.

Lincoln BIG wants the city centre to maintain its role as an employment centre and a positive place to work.

It started off as a business in 2003 but has since been made into a Business Improvement District in 2005.

During the past five years, Lincoln BIG has been involved in many events, such as supporting the establishment of the Visit Lincoln Partnership and securing over £2.5 million additional income through grant funding.