“CYCLING IN LINCOLN IS A NIGHTMARE” – Cyclists feel unsafe on the city’s roads and pavements

Cyclists in Lincoln struggle to safely ride through the city with the lack of infrastructure in place for them.

The combination of speeding cars, lack of cycle lanes and oblivious pedestrians makes it difficult for cyclists to freely cycle without the fear of an accident.

Jeremy Radcliffe, 56, a retired teacher, said: “Cycling in Lincoln is a nightmare. There are little dedicated cycling lanes, which cars often park on.

“I hate it, it’s far worse than Nottingham, Leeds and London.”

Photo: Whitney Jones. Brayford Way cycle path.

Mr Radcliffe, of Nettleham road, has been cycling since he was a child because it gave him independence.

He tries to avoid the city roads and A roads because “drivers just don’t care and drive too close”.


Mr Radcliffe said: “I don’t normally cycle on pavements but if I do, then I would stop for pedestrians.”

This is a major complaint from pedestrians about cyclists using the footpaths.

Alyesha Hetherington, a student from the University of Lincoln, has often had problems with bikes speeding towards hers.

She said: “Bikers often come speeding down the high street and don’t think about pedestrians.

“It makes me uneasy and panicked because I don’t know when they’re coming.”

James Screeton, 24, of Monks Road, uses his electric bike to travel to and from work since last September.

He said that pedestrians don’t help themselves when using the pathways.

Infographic: Whitney Jones. Data from Cyclists Defence Fund.

Mr Screeton said: “Pedestrians walk in lines, listen to music and text when they walk around corners.

This makes it difficult for cyclists to get their attention before almost knocking into them.”

However, under Section 64 of the Highway Code, cyclists must not ride on the pavement.

In Lincoln, there are designated cycle paths available for cyclists, to avoid this.

Last year, Lincolnshire Police cracked down on cyclists caught on public pathways in Skegness by giving out £50 fixed penalty fines, for the offence.

Councillor Rob Parker has previously said the most dangerous areas in Lincoln for pedestrians are Yarborough Road, Steep Hill and the High Street.