Food recycling bins may be rolled out across Lincolnshire

Food waste bins may be in every household in the county as part of the Waste Strategy for Lincolnshire plan.

Around half of councils in the UK already provide food waste bins that has collected thousands of tonnes food waste.

A 12-month trial in South Kesteven has been in place since May 2018 but this could be rolled out to every home in Lincolnshire.

Food recycling drop in. Credit: South Kesteven District Council

The pilot scheme has 4,600 homes taking part from Bourne, Grantham, Stamford and other villages.

South Kesteven District Council said: “We’re proud to be the first District Council in Lincolnshire to be trialling this new service.”

Once the trial period is over the partnership will hold a meeting on whether to expand the scheme.

By collecting food waste separately is avoids filling up landfill sites at the expense of taxpayers.

Food waste recycling centre. Credit: South Kesteven District Council.

A Recycle Now spokesperson, said: “Food waste is harmful when sent to landfill as it rots and releases greenhouse gases such as methane.”

If the plan goes ahead it would reduce harmful methane excretion and save money.

The food waste would be recycled through anaerobic digestion to create fertiliser and bio gas to generate heat and electricity.

Food waste. Credit: Andrea Leganza

Cllr Eddy Poll, Lincolnshire County Council’s executive member for Commercial and Environmental Management, said in a press release: “The County Council is very pleased to be working as part of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership to fund this very important trial.”

In June the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership is set to meet to investigate the reality of distributing food waste bins throughout the county.

New food waste bins. Credit: Falkirk Council

Lincolnshire’s waste strategy is set up by the partnership and includes other targets.

The strategy has nine other objectives, including reducing our carbon footprint and to contribute to UK recycling targets.

It sets out in a waste hierarchy how prevention of waste is preferred followed by re-use, recycle, recovery and disposal.

The idea behind the hierarchy is to encourage people to think about their waste.

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