Protected species caught in illegal trap

A number of animals have been found dead in illegal traps, according to Lincolnshire Police.

Two otters have been found dead at River Witham at Wyndham Park in Grantham and in a water body near Wainfleet.

Another trap was found near Skegness containing a dead mink. All three incidents were as a result of illegal crayfish traps.

DC Flint, the wildlife officer for Lincolnshire Police, said: ‘The trap involved in our incident was an illegal trap. Firstly no permission had been granted by the Environment Agency, the trap did not conform to the legal sizing requirements and it was not fitted with any kind of otter guard.

‘Any mammal getting caught in one of these traps is unfortunately in store for a very unpleasant death by drowning. It’s awful to imagine.’

DC Flint added: ‘It’s unlikely that these traps will cause danger to members of the public or their pets. They are however very dangerous to our wild mammal populations especially otters and water voles which have been in decline in the UK for many years.

Otters are a European Protected Species and are also protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Injuring an otter is a offence that can be prosecuted, and anyone with any information has been asked to contact wildlife officer DC Flint on 101, quoting incident 219. Alternatively, you can email