The Year of Green Action comes to Lincoln

Lincolnshire will take part in a national “Year of Green Action” this year, as campaigns to get people involved in supporting nature in their area begin across the country. 

Dr Therese Coffey, Parliamentary Under Secretary of state for the environment, officially launched the event on January 11.

In a press release, she said: “This is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and enthused about restoring nature, from gardeners to major transport network providers.”

The Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership have promoted the campaign to their 49 partners, including The City of Lincoln Council and Lincolnshire County Council.

The Partnership is not doing anything itself for the event, but says it expects that many of its partners to take on activities for the campaign.

The 25 year environment plan, set out by the Government in January 2018.

The cause says it aims to inspire people to take “green action” in their communities.

Green action is defined by the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership as anything that delivers against one of the three key themes in the Government’s 25 year environmental plan. 

The three key themes are outlined as: improving understanding of the state of the environment, helping communities reduce their impact and inspiring people to enrich the environment.

A toolkit was released to help organisations take part in the event.