Thousands of New Lincoln Homes Expected

The number if council houses will be vastly increased. Photo: Beth Pritchard.

Thousands of new homes will be built in central Lincolnshire over the next five years.

The City of Lincoln, West Lindsey, and North Kesteven councils have each set out a strategic approach to delivering new homes in the not too distant future.




The New Homes Strategy applies to private ownership and private rent houses and affordable homes. The strategy is necessary to ensure enough new homes are built to cater to the growing Lincolnshire population.

In Lincoln, there is a target of 719 new homes to be built for private ownership and 713 new affordable homes over the next five years. Additionally, there is a need for 273 new council homes annually to meet the growing demand for council properties.

Chris Morton, resident involvement manager at the city council, said: “We aim to start creating communities again. We want to build spaces where people are proud to live.”

As of October 2018, there were 309 Lincoln council properties that were classed as overcrowded. Councillor Gary Hewson said: “As we build the new properties, the people living in overcrowded properties will be offered new homes”.

There are already hundreds of council houses on Queen Elizabeth’s Road

Planning permission has been granted for 325 new Council homes on the Queen Elizabeth Road site on Ermine West.

2020 is the centenary of the first Council housing built in Lincoln and the City of Lincoln Council are taking the opportunity to celebrate the important role it has played in the city over the past 100 years.



Mr Morton said: “100 years of council housing allows us to look forward. We have got an opportunity to take a step back and take a look at what our tenants want from us”.

The councils hope that these new builds will have a positive impact on the residents of central Lincolnshire.

Housing sites that have been or are in the process of
development in the Central Lincolnshire
Local Plan