Plans to cut back on green school projects

Lincolnshire County Council SCoRE project. Photo: Lincolnshire County Council.

Lincolnshire County Council say they are cutting back on funding for environmental projects in schools this year.

The County Council’s sustainability team have announced that focus will be taken away from the Schools Collaboration on Resource Efficiency (SCoRE) programme because of an increase in schools changing to academy status.

The ongoing scheme focuses on educating children about how to save energy, and registered schools have reported energy savings of approximately 10-15% since beginning the project.

It is one of seven initiatives set up by the sustainability team to save money and combat environmental issues across the county.

However, whilst all six of the other projects will continue after the introduction of the new Carbon Management plan set for release later this year, less will be spent on the SCoRE project.

Academy schools cannot benefit from County Council initiatives. Due to this, ongoing environmental initiatives will reach fewer institutions as more switch to academy status.

Lincolnshire County Council SCoRE project. Photo: Lincolnshire County Council.

The funding lost from the SCoRE scheme will be put back into other sustainability projects such as environmentally friendly upgrades to council owned buildings.

Around 92% of the 390 schools currently controlled by the county council are a part of the project.

So far, more than £8.3 million has been spent on Lincolnshire County Council’s sustainability initiatives.