The Collection display Moon exhibition

The Collection are hosting a ‘Museum of the Moon’ exhibition throughout the months of March and April.

The display includes events such as late night displays on March 15 and April 12, ‘moonlight’ yoga sessions and family-friendly events. It is open from 9am until 4pm.

This exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong being the first man to walk on the moon, on July 21 1969.

The guest lecture will be from Charles Simpson, from the Royal Astronomical Society and British Interplanetary Society. Visitors will be given the opportunity to view his memorabilia and space-related exhibits. The tickets for the lecture will be £3.30 and are still on sale.

A ‘pay-what-you-decide’ feature is being tested by the Collection for this event, in which visitors can decide how much the exhibition is worth paying for donations, this will also include free afternoon film screenings. The yoga will cost £5 per session and will run once a week in March.

The Collection have described donations as ‘vital’. Photo credit: Bethany Lee

UK artist Luke Jarram, who created the 6-metre sculpture, said: “It’s been wonderful to witness the public’s experience to the artwork.

The installation is a mixture of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition. It gives people the chance to experience the moon first-hand, from their own city.”

Ann Warrell, from the Collection said: “The turnout has been very good so far. It has been averaging over 1000 visitors per day and we reached over 17,000 on the opening weekend.

The Moon circled the room. Photo credit: Bethany Lee

The Moon Museum has proved to be very popular here and we’re happy with the reception.”

Alongside the museum of the moon is a series of photographs titled, ‘Eclipse Chasers – The Great American Eclipse‘ by documentary photographer Keith James.

The exhibition is part of an international tour, with the ‘museum of the moon’ being hosted in other places in the UK, Australia and America.