Pupils may not be allowed to protest again

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Students across Lincolnshire who skipped school earlier today to protest against climate change are unlikely to get the chance to do it again.

A group of Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School pupils led the protests on the High Street, but the head teacher Martin Mckeown said he’s “unsure about allowing the students to protest again”.

He said: “A number of parents called in giving very passionate reasons to join the protest” and that it’s not their place to argue with them.

He went on to say: “The school is encouraging the students to be more engaged with environmental issues and take a stand” but in “less disruptive ways”. For example students who didn’t attend the protests were asked to wear green to highlight the environmental issues happening around the globe and recreated the recycling symbol on their field.

The protests were done as part of the global initiative School Strike 4 Climate, that allows students to protest for governments to take more action to tackle climate change.