Lincolnshire Police reveal the high number of assaults on customers in taxis.

Youth in Lincolnshire fear for their safety after police reveal the staggering numbers of taxi drivers assaulting their customers.

For the last 6 years Lincolnshire Police have received more than 122 recorded complaints.

In 2016, there was an average of four assault accusations per week.

The following year, the county was voted the fourth safest place to live in the UK. Yet, young people do not feel comfortable at night.

Isabelle Slade, 20, a student at the University of Lincoln has started her own taxi-like service where she take students home from night outs so they feel safe.

After a male driver took photographs of her as she left a cab in Lincolnshire, she wants to protect young people from such experiences.

“I saw loads of girls posting in The Lincoln Girl Gang group on Facebook saying they feel anxious getting into a hired car alone. It just upset me to be honest.”

The Lincoln Girl Gang is a group which promotes safety for female students in the city centre.

According to Lincolnshire Police the number of recorded complaints they have received regarding assault from a taxi driver are as follows:


2013 18
2014 24
2015 30
2016 28
2017 22


Taxi services in Lincolnshire area refused to reply when asked if they had any employees involved in such incidents.

Following an unpleasant attack after an evening with her friends, student, Anis Haggis, said she thinks the University need to promote more safety about students getting home safely.

“The police are doing media coverage of my attack but it needs to be shared through the university to show the offender’s identity and area of assault.”

“There is nothing worse than knowing I can do something to help and not trying to take action!”

Police are asking anyone with information about such incidents to contact them on 01522 558 399.

If an emergency, call 999 immediately.


Deanos Cabs in Louth, Lincolnshire spoke to us about taxi safety following figures of assault revealed.