Obesity admissions to Lincolnshire hospitals double in a decade

Admissions to Lincolnshire hospitals for obesity have more than doubled since 2008.

Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln

Data obtained through a Freedom of Information request shows that more than 900 more people were admitted to Lincolnshire hospitals due to obesity related issues in 2017/18 than 2008/9. These admissions included obesity as the sole issue and obesity as a contributing factor to the issue.

In 2008/09, 714 people were admitted for obesity as the primary or secondary cause, whilst in 2017/18, the figure was people 1,523

Derek Ward, Director of Public Health at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We have no doubt seen an increase in chronic conditions where obesity exacerbates it and results in emergency hospital admissions.

“There has been a clinical recognition that it does exacerbate other conditions, for example we’ve seen a massive increase in diabetes, heart conditions and lung and pulmonary conditions because excess weight causes an impact.”

Admissions to Lincolnshire Hospitals for obesity

A recent survey by Active Lives revealed that 30% of people in Lincolnshire consider themselves to be inactive – meaning they do less than 30 minutes of exercise a week. This is the highest percentage of any county in the country.

Mr Ward said: “This is a priority within our strategy, but on a national picture we do have an older population than other places. The single best thing to do as a lifestyle change is more physical activity. It will protect against cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s and can help mental wellbeing among other things. Diet nutrition is also massively important – In Lincolnshire we should be in a good place to do that because there is so much high-quality fruit and veg production.”

Lincolnshire County Council will also be launching a new support service in July which looks to tackle individuals’ health as a wrap-around issue, rather than isolated issues, in order to assist a lifestyle change.