Inner Seasons- the next step to Women’s Empowerment

For centuries women have faced a bloody enemy which has been able to mark a victory over them every time it strikes.

They are very stealthy and can cause immense pain.

Their name is Periods.

Everyone knows about periods and the troubles women face .They have tried many avenues as well as an answer to this recurring problem.

But have turned up with nothing positive as of such.

Up until now…..

Inner Seasons,1st ever automated menstrual cycle and moon phase clock, aims to give a relief to women from all the problems that they have faced as part of their hormonal cycle by making them one with their mind, body and soul.

Charlotte Kessler, a Art Psycho therapist used the product to help a group of women at Mansions of Fortune in clinic by the name of Women’s Circle in Lincoln.She used light mediation and distressing exercises to further help them.

She mentioned a few details as well about the way women who juggle with both their jobs and and their household lives can use her techniques with the help of the product to reach a calm state, which she feels will only help them in their places of work.