We Stand Together: Lincoln citizens unite in light of New Zealand terrorist attacks

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A vigil took place in Lincoln outside the Lincoln Central Mosque & Cultural Centre on the 22nd March.  Amber Marshall event organiser and University of Lincoln student called for the event to be held in an attempt to unite and boost support for the 49 victims of the two mass shootings in New Zealand and worldwide.

This event received a staggering turnout with many local citizens bringing placards with distinctive political messages such as “whether you are Muslim or Christian or Jewish or any other faith group, as long as you live in Lincoln, as long as you are part of this family, nothing will divide us.” For the Lincoln community this was a great chance to show support and unity between them and Muslim communities.

This was an inspiring decision for any student to make, it clearly shows that our next generations and people in the Lincoln community really do care.

Despite the recent incidents, Amber Marshall’s main aim was to promote the ideology that we can still stand together and respect each other no matter what race, religion or culture, and by the turnout and extensive support. It has been nothing short of a success.