Alarming time ahead: EU votes to scrap summer and winter time changes

In very early hours on Sunday morning, people around the UK will be setting their clocks forwards by an hour, but the EU have recently decided to scrap summer and winter clock changes by 2021.

MEPs’ voted early this week to ditch the twice yearly clock changes which are done as part of British Summer Time. This vote would allow each country within the EU to decide themselves if they want to stay in winter or summer time permanently.

The change could mean that some countries would be an hour ahead of another, despite being next to them. It could also mean that countries who decide to stay in winter time would not get sunlight until after nine in the morning.

With Britain’s future in the EU still uncertain, people are confused as to how this vote will affect us. Cigdem Elikci and Ibrahim Sawal went out to Lincoln’s high street to see what the public had to say.